The Cake Plate

The Cake Plate is now a part of Tootie Pie Co. Interested in placing an online order for cakes? You can see our selection HERE.




After 30+ years designing and creating Austin’s most extravagant wedding cakes, lavish specialty cakes, and ornate petite sweets, Chef Scott Calvert is retiring from the kitchen. “I’ve had the privilege to work with the best clients and customers and make their dreams a reality. These experiences have had a massive impact on me, my family and my team. I am truly blessed to have been part of so many beautiful weddings, joyous birthdays, anniversaries filled with love, and countless life milestones over the years.”
Chef Scott will continue to build on his years of professional expertise and transition into a mentoring and advisory role in the industry that will allow him opportunities to share his knowledge and passion for baking. Starting in May, he stepped into the role of President of the Retail Bakers of America. The focus of the RBA is connecting professional bakers across the country, building an ever-expanding knowledge base of the nuances of baking, along with educating and mentoring the next generation of bakers and bakery owners. 
“I’ll miss the amazing professionals, clients and families I have worked so closely with on my journey as a baker. I’m excited for the future, to have a larger impact on the baking industry as the RBA president. Let’s bake it a great day!”