Apple Crumb Pie (Gluten Free)

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This pie is full of crisp apples tossed in our special blend of sugar and spices, sprinkled with a layer of our buttery crumb topping, and baked to a golden brown in our specially handcrafted gluten-free pie crust.
Gluten Notice

This Pie is made in a bakery that also uses ingredients that contain gluten. If you are very sensitive to gluten, we would advise against purchasing this Pie.

Size: 8"

Serving Instructions

To maintain the pie's freshness and presentation, it is important to keep it securely wrapped in its original packaging until ready for preparation.

Remove the plastic wrap. Thaw in the fridge or on the counter.

Serve at room temperature, chilled, or warm in a 325° oven for 45-60 minutes.

Baker’s Tip
Crumb pies heat up faster than double crust pies, and our 8" pies get warm faster than our 11" pies. So, adjust your time as needed and pull them out when they look bubbly.