Summer Collection

Indulge in our Summer Sensations Collection, a symphony of flavors perfect for every sun-soaked moment! From the tropical allure of Coconut Supreme Pie to the refreshing tang of Key Lime Pie, our hand-crafted creations are sure to elevate your summer celebrations. Explore our limited-edition treats alongside year-round favorites, each one a delicious escape to a world of sweet indulgence.


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A slice of Dude Cake, garnished with strawberries, in front of a 9" cake from which it was cut.
Dude Cake Sale price$46.00
Slice of Lower Sugar Cherry Pie garnished with a dollop of crème.
Cherry Pie (Lower Sugar) Sale price$26.00
Sold out
Slice of Veggie Pot Pie
Veggie Pot Pie Sale price$30.00
Cinnamon Whiskey Apple Pie
pie of the month logo
Pie of Month with Express Shipping Sale priceFrom $235.00
Mango Cheesecake
Mango Cheesecake Sale price$46.00
Pie of Month with Ground Shipping
Pie of Month with Ground Shipping Sale priceFrom $155.00
Tropical Trio
Tropical Trio Sale price$93.00